About us

Local Nomad is an outdoor-guiding project of two local guides – Igor and Richard. Both of us love Košice and Eastern Slovakia and we would like to pass this passion to other people: tourists, foreign students, delegations or even local people who would like to know more about the place where they live.
We are telling local stories, historical facts, poetic observations and cultural specifics – typical for Slovak people. We would like foreigners to understand where they are and what is going on here.

Igor Kupec
Age: 36
Education: Charles University in Prague
Occupation: guide, graphic designer  www.igorkupec.sk
Hobbies: rock climbing, hiking, art, activism, travelling
About: Creative graphic designer and street-artist interested in history of socialism in Czechoslovakia and stories from wild 90´s.

Richard Oľhava
Age: 34
Education: Charles University in Prague
Occupation: guide, archeologist and land surveyor
Hobbies: travelling, orienteering, literature, theatre, geography
About: I used to be a passionate hitchhiker. Europe, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Chechnya, Sudan, Congo and many more.  Now I´m a passionate archeologist and guide. Except of that I deeply love theatre and books.  I´m interested in everything from Goethe’s Werther through mitochondrion structure to Python scripting.