List of interesting opportunities for trips in Eastern Slovakia.

Silica ice cave (UNESCO) and Zadiel canyon

Wonderful ice cave is hidden in the National
Park Slovensky kras. It is part of the UNESCO
herritage.  Cave is also infamously famous for
human sacrifices during broze age.

Zadiel is the biggest canyon in this region.
Perfect opportunity for hikers and tourists.

Time: 5 hours
Difficulty: easy
Price: 20 euro/person (min 4.)

Horse riding in the woods with instructor

We offer extraordinary adventure close to
Košice. Horse riding in the beautiful forest
is unforgettable experience for everyone.

Time: 2 hours
Difficulty: adventure
Price: 20 euro/person (min 2.)

Via Ferrata in the National park Slovak paradise

Via ferrata Kyseľ is situated in Slovak Paradise.
It is amazing experience for all who loves
adventure sport and nature.

Time: 10 hours
Difficulty: hard / adventure
Price: 60 euro/ person (min 3.)