About us

Local Nomad is an outdoor-guiding project of two local guides – Igor and Richard. Both of us love Košice and Eastern Slovakia and we would like to pass this passion to other people: tourists, foreign students, delegations or even local people who would like to know more about the place where they live.
We are telling local stories, historical facts, poetic observations and cultural specifics – typical for Slovak people. We would like foreigners to understand where they are and what is going on here.


Igor Kupec
Education: Charles University in Prague
Occupation: creative bureaucrat
Hobbies: rock climbing, hiking, art, activism, travelling
About: I’m interested in history of socialism in Czechoslovakia and stories from wild 90´s.


Richard Oľhava
Education: Charles University in Prague
Occupation: guide, archeologist and land surveyor
Hobbies: travelling, orienteering, literature, theatre, geography
About: I used to be a passionate hitchhiker. Europe, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Chechnya, Sudan, Congo and many more.  Now I´m a passionate archeologist and guide. Except of that I deeply love theatre and books.  I´m interested in everything from Goethe’s Werther through mitochondrion structure to Python scripting.

  • I was in Košice for 2 days and decided to take an excursion to learn more about the area and visit Spiš Castle. After some research, I selected this company... read more

    Diana Kudria Avatar Diana Kudria
    30. April 2023

    A highlight of my trip to Kosice was learning about the hidden sights of the city with Igor. He is a knowledgeable and funny guide, blending insights about the complex... read more

    Anna Dowrick Avatar Anna Dowrick
    30. October 2022
  • I booked the alternative city tour and really liked it a lot! Igor is a very knowledgeable and nice guide. He is combining information on the history of the city... read more

    Felix Petzold Avatar Felix Petzold
    30. October 2022

    Skvelá prehliadka Košíc, zapamätateľná s množstvom zaujímavostí. Všetkým zúčastneným našej skupiny sa páčila a hodnotili ju vysoko pozitívne. Local Nomad a pána Kupca odporúčame všetkými desiatimi 🙂

    Veronika Jurčová Avatar Veronika Jurčová
    2. March 2023
  • Igor Kupac made my 50 year dream come true! As a Slovak translator, Igor was able to communicate the family who now live in my great grandparents home in Malylipnik,... read more

    Kathleen Turner Avatar Kathleen Turner
    30. October 2022

    I was introduced to Igor and Richard via visit Kosice and am very glad with this introduction. I did 2 day trips with them. On both occasion, both Igor and... read more

    Prasana Murthi Avatar Prasana Murthi
    30. April 2023
  • I really recommend them for the history of 20th century of Kosice

    Robert Furiel Avatar Robert Furiel
    30. October 2022

    Skvelá zážitková služba, ktorá tu (KE) chýbala 🙂

    Michal Diňa Avatar Michal Diňa
    30. October 2022
  • Igor organised a phenomenal trip and made a great effort to ensure we had a chance to experience the local culture and wines! It’s a great opportunity to see another... read more

    LaToya Mc Callum Avatar LaToya Mc Callum
    30. September 2023

    Such a wonderful tour! Thanks so much for the amazing day!

    Charles Versfeld Avatar Charles Versfeld
    30. September 2023
  • I did two tours with Local Nomad Kosice in March 2022 - one with Richard to the Gemer region and the second with Igor to the Tokaj region for wine... read more

    Julian Michael Avatar Julian Michael
    30. October 2022

    My partner and I went on the Local Nomad 'Unesco Everywhere' tour for two in mid September and it was the perfect day out! We had an incredible day packed... read more

    Jason Booth Avatar Jason Booth
    9. October 2023
  • Great tour of Kosice to places hidden & unknown. Our tour was well put together; we enjoyed the walk all over historical center with captivating commentary as well as hands-on... read more

    Michal Sadovsky Avatar Michal Sadovsky
    30. May 2023

    Great, really enjoyed the Alternative City Tour. The better understanding of Kosice's history made my visit that much more meaningful.

    Justin Mock Avatar Justin Mock
    30. October 2022
  • Absolutely wonderful tour with Richard! I called a few days before my arrival to Slovakia and Igor was able to accommodate our request to see some great sights and drink... read more

    Theresa Mozzillo Avatar Theresa Mozzillo
    9. October 2023

    Myself and my buddy were in Kosice for a few days. We booked Richard and Igor to take us on two half day tours outside of the city. They both... read more

    Richard Deane Avatar Richard Deane
    30. October 2022
  • In planning and carrying out the field trip for our three-man team, Igor Kupec showed great initiative, creative thinking, admirable flexibility, and a real sense of responsibility. We felt... read more

    Yechiel Bar-Chaim Avatar Yechiel Bar-Chaim
    30. October 2022