Spiš: UNESCO everywhere

Want to move onto the next stage? Middle Ages, here we come. Get ready to see both our pride and UNESCO heritage in 1. Spiš castle will absolutely steal your breath away.

Built in the 12th century, it used to function as administrative, political, cultural and probably the most impressive site of Austrian-Hungarian Empire. The castle’s design fuses it all – romanesque, gothic and renaissance styles altogether. The eastern Slovak picture would be nothing without it.

This trip also comes as + 1 extra – after the medieval visit we’ll opt for the most beautiful viewpoint in the National park Slovak Paradise.

Time: 6 hours
Difficulty: easy
1 person: 120 euro / trip
2 person: 160 euro / trip
3 person: 180 euro / trip
4: person: 200 euro / trip
5+: flexible pricing
Transportation ↔ : 2 hours