A passionate wine lover? Fortunately, we are as well. Who would go for a hike when Tokaj wine region is a stone distance away?

Two rivers meet and the best wine of your life is what you get. And that’s right here at Tokaj river-basin. The region has been known as ‘VinumRegum, Rex Vinorum’ (‘Wine of Kings, King of Wines’), an epithet attributed to King Louis XIV of France. Wine cellars are undoubtedly crowning the area as this deep-laid network hides alchemical mysteries with ancient recipes known only to the top wine producers. Beethoven, Liszt, Schubert, Goethe, Heinrich Heine, Friedrich von Schiller, Bram Stoker, Johann Strauss II, and Voltaire – all of these guys enjoyed the outstanding flavour of Tokaj wines for centuries. Become one of them.

And, please, don’t order any sweet red – Tokaj serves its best known aszú wines, primarily Furmint type. Drown inside its amber-sunray like composition. Not only sports are an adventure.

Transportation ↔ :2 hours (apx) by our car or minibus
Lenght of wine tasting:
1,5 hours
Included: 10 samples of Tokaj wine + snack / tapas
Price: 150 euro / 2 person
180 euro / 3 person
200 euro / 4 person
Bigger groups: individual pricing
Difficulty: really?
Booking: min. 48 hours in advance
Must have: passion for the wine and healthy liver