The biggest canyon in Slovakia

One doesn’t need to head to Arizona when yearning for some serious canyons. Submerge into depths and heights of Zádiel Canyon – the biggest canyon with almost 400 meter deep gorge and 3 kilometers long valley spreading in front of your eyes. Inhale the nature in its inner profoundness.

For those seeking a small paradise embedded inside Slovak karst national park, another hidden treasures are revealing only along the trip with Local Nomad. Turňa Castle will be our first stop – sitting gloriously on top of a cone-shaped hill it’ll definitely blow your mind away.

The second stop of the plateau might actually become an unforgettable souvenir you’ll take from this country. Limestone walls and ever-present flora will embrace you to the bone. Jewels for your eyesight.

Total time: 5 hours (apx.)
Difficulty: medium
Price: 40 euro / person (min 5.)
Bigger groups(10+): flexible pricing
Transportation ↔ : 1 hour and 15 minutes
Booking: min.1 day in advance
Don´t forget: Some food and water
Must have: Hiking or sports shoes

medium : This  hike could be difficult for people who are not used to hiking or are out  of shape. Some parts of the hike are steep.