Spiš UNESCO Tour

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Have you heard of this Fairyland? It is located an hour from Košice and is full of historical monuments and natural beauty. Spiš UNESCO Tour will take you to the most iconic locations and hidden gems of the region that only locals know about.

Spiš UNESCO Tour

About the region

The Spiš region, located in eastern Slovakia, boasts a rich history that spans several millennia. This area first gained prominence in the early Middle Ages, becoming a vital part of the Kingdom of Hungary. The region’s significance was underscored by the construction of Spiš Castle in the 12th century, which stands as one of Central Europe’s largest castle complexes. Over the centuries, Spiš became a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities, including Slovaks, Hungarians, Jews, and Germans, which is reflected in the diverse architectural, linguistic, and cultural heritage visible across the region today. Today, this place is a living museum of history. Most of the places you will admire are not dead monuments. People pray in the same churches as 800 years ago, walk in the same squares, and live behind the same walls.

Who is this trip ideal for?

Spiš UNESCO Tour is for everyone who enjoys history more than hiking. The only slightly challenging terrain that awaits us is a small hill in the Slovak Paradise National Park, from which there is a wonderful view. The rest of the trip is all about open-mouthed wonder and pleasant discussions with our guides. It is an ideal choice for families, the elderly, and anyone who likes European culture, architecture, and the Middle Ages. Last but not least, the region is known for Christian pilgrims who go to the town of Levoča every year.


1 person: 180 € / trip
2 people: 220 € / trip
3 people: 250 € / trip
4-8 people: 260 € / trip

Bigger groups – Pricing on demand


  • Tour guide
  • Transportation
  • Coffee
  • Information about the Spiš Region
  • Entrance fees

Tour Plan

  • Tomášovský view (the most beautiful viewpoint in the Slovak Paradise National Park)
  • Medieval Frescos in Žehra church (UNESCO site)
  • Spiš Castle (UNESCO site)
  • Silver Beard mineral springs
  • City of Levoča (UNESCO site)

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