Terms and conditions

  • I shall respect and follow the instructions of the tourist guide for the whole duration of the event. In case of a failure to follow the instructions, I shall bear full liability for any problems, damage and injuries caused to myself or to others.
  • I declare that I know my state of health. If I suffer from any health or other serious problem that could prevent or complicate my participation in the event, I shall inform the Provider or the guide of it before the commencement of the event.
  • I declare that for each event I shall put on clothing and footwear adequate to the weather and the terrain – according to the instructions posted on the website www.localnomad.sk and according to the instructions of the guide. I shall bear fully liability for any problems, damage, and injuries caused by not meeting this condition.
  • I declare that if I cause any damage to the Provider, a third party, or anyone else during the event, I shall bear full liability for such damage and I undertake to compensate the incurred damage. The Provider of the service shall not be liable for the conduct of its Clients.
  • Events taking place in the country and outside the town often require physical fitness and agility. The Provider or the guide, therefore, reserves the right to refuse the Client if he believes that the Client’s physical condition does not correspond to the severity of the event, because the Client could jeopardize the course of the event and the safety of the other participants.
  • I declare that I am aware that participation in the events is at my sole risk.
  • In case of events taking place in national parks and mountains, the Provider strongly recommends the Client to take out mountain insurance or accident insurance.


You are responsible for your travel insurance, health insurance and insurance in the mountains. Insurances are highly recommended especially on trips in nature and in the mountains. Better safe than sorry!

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