Košice has 19 UNESCO sites within 100 minutes

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Oh, I don’t want to brag, but not every city can boast of this. We are simply the perfect location for day trips. We have everything from caves, medieval frescoes, wooden churches to castles and ancient forests. Here are some tips:

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Spiš Castle

Perched proudly atop a rugged hill in eastern Slovakia, Spiš Castle beckons with its ancient charm and rich history. Over 800 years old, this UNESCO World Heritage site offers a glimpse into medieval life with its grand walls and sweeping views. Explore its winding corridors and Gothic architecture, and marvel at the scenic beauty of the Spiš region from its lofty ramparts. Spiš Castle is more than just a relic; it’s a timeless adventure waiting to unfold. Come discover the magic of this historic gem and let its stories enchant you.

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Tokaj wines

Tokaj wines, hailing from the Tokaj wine region, are renowned for their unique character and exceptional quality, making them truly special in the world of wine. What sets Tokaj wines apart is their traditional production method, which involves the use of noble rot, or botrytis cinerea, a beneficial fungus that shrivels the grapes and concentrates their sugars and flavors.

Kostol Žehra church

 Medieval frescos in Žehra

The interior of the Church of the Holy Spirit is decorated with medieval wall paintings that have been preserved to this day. The paintings have a high artistic value and reveal a master who was based on Italian painting, but also knew elements of Byzantine art. Every detail and object of the fresco has multiple theological meanings and it is fascinating to study them.



If you are searching for a calm and wonderful historical town, you´ve just found it. Bardejov offers numerous historical buildings, a famous spa, an outdoor historical museum, and beautiful nature.

unesco kosice

Krásnohorská jaskyňa

If you are looking for a cave off the beaten track, visit the Krásnohorská cave in the Slovak Karst National Park. It is full of beauty, adventure, and obstacles. Sporty types will love it.

The full map of UNESCO sites is right here.

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