Spend 24 hours like a local from Košice

There’s one thing that unites all locals: an unwavering and passionate love for the city. Local patriotism is a highly recognizable phenomenon here. Spend 24 hours like a local from Košice, and perhaps you’ll come to understand why!

After your morning routine, take a stroll to Dominikánske námestie. Greet your friends, pick up your breakfast and fresh vegetables from the market, and then enjoy coffee at the modern San Domenico or Turkish cafe Orients Heart. Sit back and observe the pulsing life of the city.

Spend 24 hours like a local from Košice

10 AM: A moderate walk in nature never killed anyone

Hop on bus number 29 and embark on a delightful nature walk to the iconic “mountain cottage” Hrešná. It’s a great way to stay active and enjoy the outdoors. If the walk leaves you feeling a bit weary, you can grab a snack or have a regular lunch at the cottage. Aside from food, you also have the option to borrow a horse and explore the surrounding woods on horseback.

hresna kosice

1 PM: Lunchtime

Catch a bus back to the city and treat yourself to a delicious lunch! If you’re feeling a bit fancy, head over to Slávia or Le Colonial. If you’re in the mood for traditional Slovak cuisine, Hostinec is a fantastic choice. For more exotic flavors, satisfy your cravings at the Mexican restaurant La Hacienda or Indian eatery Little India.

2 PM: Grab a good book and enjoy your siesta

Before you fall asleep, head to the bookshop Artforum. This charming shop is situated directly at the main historical square. Have a look, and get a book. After the mission, enjoy the best cake in the city at the patisserie of local Frenchmen. There is no other place like Cafe de Paris. Now it is siesta time!

5 PM: Early evening – stroll like a bourgeois

If there’s one beloved pastime of locals, it’s definitely strolling around the main historical square known as Hlavná ulica. Just wander around in circles, chatting with friends, exchanging smiles with the local beauties, and exuding charm and charisma.

Spend 24 hours like a local from Košice

7 PM: Evening – wine and movies

Find some delightful company and take them to a local winery for a glass of extraordinary Tokaj wine. This famous beverage, beloved by luminaries such as Beethoven, Liszt, Schubert, Goethe, Heinrich Heine, Friedrich von Schiller, Bram Stoker, Johann Strauss II, Voltaire, and Louis XV, will set the tone for a wonderful evening. Villa Cassa is the perfect spot to savor it. But remember dear guest, don´t get wasted—there’s a cinema waiting for you! Kino Úsmev is an authentic local gem, offering a charming atmosphere and a wide range of movies, from alternative to blockbusters. Have a good night!

Spend 24 hours like a local from Košice

If you enjoyed our tips on how to Spend 24 hours like a local from Košice, we are more than happy! If you want to discover Košice even deeper, take a city tour with us! 

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