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Košice, city centre




1 hour 30 minutes

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Hi traveller!

Welcome to Košice, the city with a unique central European charm and cozy atmosphere. Košice guided city tour will take you through its history, ethnic background, architecture,  significant characters, communist history, and modern days. Book us, I promise you won´t regret it!

About the tour

Our goal is to educate, excite, and not bore clients. That’s why we separate important information from unimportant details and try to give you an overall picture of Košice, Slovakia, and Central/Eastern Europe.

What will you need?

Just your curiosity and ability to walk slowly for about 90 minutes. Košice guided city tour is suitable for all age, height, weight, and intellectual categories of people 🙂


1-6 person: 60 € / tour
6-99 person and business clients: 100 € / tour

The meeting point

We will meet in front of the Dolná Brána Archaeological Museum.


  • Talkative guide
  • Crucial information about Košice and Slovakia
  • 2,6 km walk
  • Endless boring details
  • Umbrella and microphone
  • A stern look at tourists who aren't paying attention

Tour Plan

  1. Ancient history, founding of Košice, ethnic background
  2. "Hide Park of Košice"
  3. Jewish quarter, Jewish history, important figures
  4. 20th century in Košice, dramatic political changes
  5. Jakabs´s palace, communism, city growth
  6. Hungarian history in the city
  7. 90´s, mafia, era of wild capitalism and Meglomania
  8. Sándor Márai - the most famous writer from Košice
  9. Hlavná Street - the most iconic buildings
  10. St. Elizabeth Cathedral

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