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Hi traveller!

Are you bored of the Middle Ages and gothic architecture? So join us on the Košice Alternative City Tour through the 20th century.Košice Alternative City Tour

What is so alternative about this tour?

You will take a tour off the beaten track. Forgotten statues, time-travel drinking, socialist suburbs, Roma minority, local patriotism, separatism and more! But first things first. At the beginning, we will describe the basic facts about the city – so that you understand where you are and what is happening here. Then we will swim through the streets of the city and discover the hidden treasures of Košice!

Things you will learn

How did socialism impact the mentality of the Slovak people? Why we don´t like to be called Eastern Europe? Who is the true Forrest Gump of Košice? When did criminal gangs rule Košice?  Is nožkar the same thing as gopnik or arsim? Is Lunik 9 – the biggest Roma ghetto in central Europe, dangerous? When did we try to separate from Slovakia a create our city-state?  All the answers will be answered on the Košice Alternative City Tour!

The meeting point and itinerary

The meeting place is at the Lower Gate. Then we will walk through the old town, the Jewish quarter, and the river that was removed by the communists. At Luník 9 we will observe socialist architecture and works of art and talk about the life of Roma in Slovakia. The next stop is Šaca – a depository of old communist statues. You will have the opportunity to greet V.I.Lenin and the former communist prime minister of Czechoslovakia – Klement Gottwald. The tour ends in punk heaven – the Coloseum pub or the ancient communist pub U Ďurka. A unique opportunity to taste the Slovak national drink – Borovička.


1 person: 100 € / tour
2 person: 110 € / tour
3 person: 120 € / tour
4-8 person: 130 / tour

Bigger groups – Pricing on demand


  • tour guide
  • transportation
  • a shot of Borovička
  • private entrance to the statue of V.I.Lenin

Tour Plan

  • Basic information about Košice (history, important figures, contemporary events)
  • Artworks in the Lunik 9 (+ history of Romas in Slovakia)
  • A date with Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
  • Drink in Colosseum (the biggest punk pub in Košice) or U Ďurka

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