Enjoy Nightlife in Košice / 10 tips

Here are 10 tips from the locals about nightlife in Košice. Discover the best nightclubs, cultural centers, and punk epicenters with us! The city is pulsing especially from April to the end of September. Before you read our tips, check all ongoing events here: https://visitkosice.org/en

1. Tabačka Kulturfabrik (culture, parties, food, great atmosphere)

A cultural center popular among young people and the artistic community. Lighthouse of nightlife in Košice. You will find a bar, restaurant, cinema, concerts, theater performances, exhibitions, and wild parties here. Tabačka is liveliest on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Give it a chance!  https://tabacka.sk/

Nightlife in Košice

2. Kino Úsmev (movies, garden, beer, great atmosphere)

The old cinema from the 1960s currently offers, in addition to movies, one of the most charming places where you can enjoy beer and good drinks during summer evenings. kinousmev.sk

nightlife in kosice

3. Jazz club (club music, nightlife, drinks)

Make no mistake. If you’re looking for jazz music here, you won’t find any. However, if you enjoy parties, drinks, electronic or pop music, this is the right place to go! www.jazzclub-ke.sk

nightlife in kosice

4. Colloseum (subcultures, authentic, cheap, iconic)

Speaking about nightlife in Košice, this is a must! The cradle of subcultures, an excellent place for concerts and all-night entertainment. This iconic pub will very easily draw you into its atmosphere. The wildest days are Fridays and Saturdays. collosseum.sk This is also one of the places we visit on our Alternative city tour.

kosice nightlife

5. El Nacional (posh, mixed drinks, vivid)

If you like it more posh and have a taste for high-quality mixed drinks, then direct your steps to the Cuban establishment El Nacional. www.elnacional.sk

nightlife kosice

6. Pokhoi (great beer, summer terrace, authentic)

Uncompromisingly good beer from local and international breweries. In addition, this pub has very authentic bartenders. Don’t miss it when you’re in Košice! Perfect spot for bohéms.

beer lovers kosice

6. New Chicago (children’s room for adults)

This place will be especially enjoyed by younger generations. You will find a lot of games and good drinks here. newchicago.sk

nightlife in kosice

7. Boba Bar (disco, parties, drinks)

Talk less, dance more! This nightclub is popular by both local and international students. The wildest parties here are on Friday and Saturday. Come and dance. www.boba.sk

night party kosice

8. Karaoke Club (music, karaoke, beer)

If you are looking for a karaoke club in Košice, you have exactly one option! You can meet crowds of young people here. Just keep in mind – smoking is allowed inside. You will find it here!

karaoke kosice

9. Little Havana (tapas, rum, atmosphere)

A beautiful place with excellent tapas and a pleasant vibe. Highly recommended by local lovers of quality rum. You will find it here!

kosice nightlife10. Enoteca Centro (great wine, cosy atmosphere)

If you’re the quieter, more romantic type who loves wine, then this is the place to spend your evening. They have top wines and tapas that you will fall in love with. You will find it here! 

nightlife in kosice

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