Gemer: Off the beaten path

Interested in of-the-beaten-path wonders? Let us show you Gemer region and Slovak karst national park together!

Fairytale-like fields of greenness and covered secrets where you wouldn’t even expect them. Not many people come here, though.This is an incredible chance to encounter a hidden gem of Eastern Slovakia. We’ll stop by an extraordinary UNESCO cave and peek around its entrance. The highest-lying ice cave in the country and Europe itself – Silica cave, of more than 100 meters depth.  The cave is also infamously known for human sacrifices during the bronze age.
After the cave short visit we won’t stop. Have you heard of the biggest canyon of Slovakia?  Zádiel is 400 meters deep and 2 kilometres long valley surrounded by spectacular limestone walls.
Gemer is known not just for its natural wonders but also for spectacularly beautiful medieval frescos from the middle ages. Italian masters were invited by local aristocrats and they created a serious pieces of art on the walls of churchces in Štítnik, Ochtiná, Koceľovce, Plešivec and more. We will have a look!

Total time: 8 hours
Price: 160 € / trip  (2 person)
Bigger groups: flexible pricing
Booking: min. 1 day in advance
Don´t forget:
Some food and water
Must have: Hiking or sports shoes

  Easy / medium. Hilly, yet not a climbing type. Suitable for children.


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